GM Cricket Bat Grading

We get asked on a regular basis what do each of the numbers and names mean with regards to grades on GM cricket bats. Well…. check out the chart below and everything will be explained.

In a nutshell though, the lower the number the lower the grade. The only issue with that rule of thumb are the bats that have names rather than numbers. The GM bats with names tend to be higher grades.

GM Bat grading document

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Newbery Cricket Now in Stock – About Newbery

We are so happy to announce that we now stock Newbery cricket bats and equipment. Here is a little history on Newbery Cricket and how they have grown from humble beginnings to what they are today….

From humble origins in the early 1900’s in East Sussex, England, through to worldwide accolades. The Newbery heritage combines tradition, legends, innovation and master craftsmen.

The Newbery story begins with Len Newbery, a highly skilled bat-maker and master craftsman, naturally he passed down his highly skilled legacy to his only son, John Newbery, who carried-on the skill with great success.

Together, their Newbery philosophy, the English heritage, their passion and legacy is still used and is emphatically understood today.

After much hard work and success in his field, John founded John Newbery Ltd in 1981, perfectly encompassing those traditional skills and master craftsmanship within his work. As master batmaker, he created innovative and experimental bat designs with skill and success. It was John Newbery who was responsible for developing products such as the steel spring handle-a significant cricket bat innovation at the time. It wasn’t long before his reputation soared and his skills were revered worldwide.

As John Newbery successfully grew the business, unfortunately his health began to deteriorate, but with passion fuelling both his business and his vision, he kept going. Sadly, John Newbery died in 1989; since his passing, he’s known as the Picasso of the profession.

As you’d expect with first-class heritage, their philosophy remains the same today; whereby quality and performance of product, together with style always comes first.

Newbery cricket bats begin their life as willow trees; these are carefully selected with each cleft individually assessed. Once it’s been favorablyjudged for its weight, grain and performance, it’s then chosen. It’s the Newbery processes, which sets us apart from many manufactures–specifically the pressing of the willow. Skill is required for every cleft; each requiring a different amount of pressure per square inch, to ensure optimum performance is gleaned. Each bat is given its character by the master craftsman who cuts and shaves the willow to a specified weight and balance, to make the best out of each cleft. The shaping and balancing of Newbery bats are done by hand and eye; it takes experience to get this right.

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Gunn & Moore (GM) Made by England’s Best

You may be aware that over the past couple of years we have stocked Gunn & Moore (GM) Bats and other Kit.

When originally setting up The Cricket Boutique we made the decision to only supply bats that had been handmade in the UK using English willow. Setting out with this ethos did limit who we could and couldn’t deal with quite dramatically as although it may not be obvious at first, quite a few of the better known brands have their bats mostly made in India or Pakistan although they may have a small number made in the UK for the higher end of the market or the pro’s.

When researching bigger brands we realised the GM fit right in our sweet spot because they produce all their English Willow bats in the UK within their factory in Nottingham. Being able to stock GM has been a great boost for not only TCB but also some of the smaller bat makers we deal with as when people visit our website to view GM products they are also having a look at other brands so it is a win win all round!

As GM offer a massive range of kit we are not able to stock or show all of it via our website however if you do wish to purchase any GM kit that you may have seen elsewhere then drop us an email or call and we should also be able to order it direct for you if we dont already have it in stock.

Every year GM also produce their book of cricket which showcases their offerings and also gives great insight in to the brand. You can download this for free by clicking HERE

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Why not check out our great selection of Handmade Cricket Bats via our website.

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What size cricket bat is right for you?

Buying a cricket bat can be tricky, even for the most seasoned of cricketers.

There are quite a few things that you should take in to account when purchasing your new bat and one of them is the size.

The size of cricket bat you should be using can be roughly categorised by your height and age however you should also take into consideration your physical strength.

Junior players can often be found to be using the incorrect size bat because following the basic guides does not take in to account the potential massive variation in how each player is developing physically.

A basic guide to cricket bat size in relation to age and height can be seen below. This guide also shows the actual size of the cricket bat.

Note – The weights shown below may vary depending on requirements.

Again, to reiterate, the guide above is just a guide but is a good starting point for choosing the right size cricket bat.

Now you have an idea of what bat you should be using the next thing to do is compare this to what you currently use. One of the best indicators of bat selection should be how the bat you currently use feels. Does your current bat feel too small, too big or are you comfortable with it?

Once you have checked the recommended size and compared this to what you have already, if you are still not sure then feel free to contact us and we can talk things through with you further.

You may hear cricketers talking about feel and pick up, this is also a consideration to take into account when choosing a bat but we will tackle that subject in a different blog.

Just as a side note, and to show the guide is not always a 100% reflection of the bat you should be using, I am 6′ 3″ so in theory should be using a long handle or long blade bat however I have tried both of these and have found them to not feel right to me personally, make sure you always take your gut feeling into account. If a bat feels right in your hand and you are confident the runs will come!

All the bats on our website are short handle size unless stated otherwise, we also list all bat specifications to make sure you get whats right for you.

We hope you have found this guide useful.

P.S – Thanks to Jedi Sports for sharing their bat size chart with us and you.

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Kippax Cricket Bats

We are over the moon to announce that we are now a stockist of Kippax Cricket Bats.

Kippax Cricket Bats have a proud heritage of producing professional grade bats for everyone. Kippax have recently had lots of great press via the ashes as Mark Stoneman is a brand sponsored player.

All Kippax bats are crafted from English Willow that has been grown by themselves in their woodland location in Yorkshire and Durham.

Once the trees have been felled and split they are processed and made in to bats in the Kippax facility in Yorkshire.

We hope that we have a long and fruitful partnership with Kippax Cricket and between us keep promoting the fantastic quality that is available from UK bat makers.


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Kippax Cricket Bats are available via our website.

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Payntr Cricket Shoes

Hi Everyone.

We have been looking at stocking high quality cricket shoes/spike for some time now but haven’t found the right brand until NOW!.

We are happy to announce that we are now stocking Payntr cricket shoes.

Here is some more information about Payntr taken from their website.

We’re passionate about creating professional, game-changing products. With a 1930s cricketing legend in our bloodline and a professional family heritage that continues through to our present day founder, we’re experts in our field.

The brainchild of former professional David Paynter who was frustrated by the fact that cricket was being left behind as other sports benefited from specialist footwear design. Recognising that his fellow cricketers wanted a shoe that combined the dexterity of a cricket shoe with the comfort of a running shoe, David conducted extensive research into modern day sporting footwear and gruelling testing until he was satisfied that he had developed the game-changing solution.

That’s why we can say with confidence that Payntr is the result of passion, vision and innovation. The Payntr X, a revolution in cricket footwear, marks the beginning of a new cricket brand that will stay ahead of the curve, producing the ultimate products that push the boundaries of design and performance.


Ayrtek Cricket Bats

Hi Everyone.

We are pleased to announce that we are now stocking Ayrtek cricket bats.

Here is a little bit of information about them from the Ayrtek website:

The Elite Edition bats are handmade for us in Kent by a master bat-maker, using age old methods to make the bat from a raw cleft to a fully finished blade using the finest English willow.

Offering a mid-positioned middle, generous edge size and a spine that runs into the toe. They are available in 3 grades, including a Pro option that uses the very best grade of willow.

As well as Ayrtek we have a stock a large number of Handmade Cricket bats. Check them out on our website.

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Hunts County Bats at The Cricket Boutique

Hunts County

Here is a little piece about Hunts County Bats which we are not stocking at The Cricket Boutique.



County Bats were first made at St. Neots in Huntingdonshire by the Trimmins family in 1904. Production continued here until the factory moved to Huntingdon in 1983. The craftsmen from St. Neots are still making bats at Huntingdon which enables us to use the slogan ‘bats made for centuries’. Our bats are still made in the traditional way in order to get the best possible bat from the selected materials. It is for this reason that County Bats are sought after all over the world and are available wherever cricket is played.




Yes, our bats do grow on trees! Salix Caerulea to be precise. Every year we produce and supply over twenty thousand cricket bats worldwide. The shape of the cricket bat has evolved over the years from the original `hockey stick` to the modern familiar shape. There is no weight limit for a bat, in the 18th century bats of over 5lb. were in use and in the 19th.century 4lb. was a common weight. A bat inscribed J.C.1729 is kept at The Oval and is the oldest surviving bat, unless you know of an older one!


Hunts County bats are available via our website.

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The Cricket Boutique – About XX Cricket



Here is a little piece about David and XX Cricket.

David started out as a professional sportsman himself so he understands how important choosing your kit and the special fit needed between your kit and your style of play.
David is an expert bat maker and has been involved in the Cricket industry for many years.

In recent years David decided that it was time to take his passion and enthusiasm for cricket to another level and the idea for the Norfolk Cricket Bat Company was born.
The opportunity to develop our business in Norfolk which is a very special and unique place was just too good to miss. A county where heritage, handmade and centuries of craftsmanship still coexist seemed the perfect combination to us.

David makes special bats in a special county for special players.

We have a full range of XX bats available via our website.

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Ayrtek Cricket Helmet – PremierTek Steel


About the new Ayrtek Cricket Helmet….

  • Ayrtek Cricket- PremierTek Steel- BS7928:2013 Compliant

Ayrtek have spent the last few months dissecting, analysing  and rebuilding their helmets in order to provide what they believe is an improved product for 2016. Ayrtek have worked with The Sports Technology Institute at Loughborough University as well as with the lab at INSPEC to rigorously test the helmets against the new BSI helmet safety standard that we sat on the committee of to approve.

Ball Strike Impacts
During BSI testing all cricket helmets are subjected to an inverted drop test onto a hemispherical anvil from which the peak acceleration levels are recorded.

In order to be deemed a PASS the helmet has to record a reading of 250gn or below. As you can see from the graphic below our latest Ayrtek Cricket PremierTek 2016 model not only pass this but come in on average over 200gn less than this allowance.

What does this mean?

In simple terms Ayrtek helmets are performing to a level that on average is over 82% better than required to pass testing. This ensures that if someone is struck by the ball when wearing one of our helmets the minimum force is transmitted through the shell to the wearers head inside of it.

The PremierTek range has been designed using the unique Ayrtek structural shell shape made from high impact injection-moulded plastic, featuring an EPS liner and a fixed position Teflon coated steel grille as standard.The interior size is adjusted by the comfort padding system that is provided with the helmet. They also feature our 4 point attachment chin-strap that acts to minimise forefront wobble and adds to helmet stability when wearing the helmet. This Model comes with 6mm, 9mm and 12mm foam padding sets as standard to adjust the interior sizing.

    • BS 7928:2013 Compliant
    • Upgraded shell materials.
    • Revised Grille design to align with the end of the peak.
    • Fixed Grille position.
    • Branded Microfibre Storage Bag
    • The PremierTek range is available in 2 colours in 2016, Navy Blue and Black.
    • Size Range– 58cm-64cm.
    • Approx Weight– 872g (Steel Grille Model)

The view the full range of what TCB has to offer check out their website –  The Cricket Boutique

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