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Handmade English Willow Cricket Bats

Handmade English Willow Cricket Bats, crafted in the UK.

All Cricket Bats have been hand crafted and pressed to perfection. The Bat you receive will be the best quality and price.

As well as "off the shelf" bats we offer a full custom bat service.

English Willow Cricket Bat Clefts
Cricket Shoes and Spikes
Cricket Helmets

Batting Protection

As well as Cricket Bats we also stock a large selection of Batting Pads, Batting Gloves, Helmets, Shoes/Spikes and Bags.

Our current brand list includes Ayrtek, Charlie French, Garrard & Flack, Hell4leather, Hunts County, Jedi, Payntr, Red Ink, Robert James, Vulcan Cricket, XX Cricket.

Cricket batting protection