About Us

The Cricket Boutique supplies Handmade Cricket Bats and the accompanying Batting Pads, Batting Gloves and Bags.

The Cricket Boutique only supplies Cricket Bats that have been produced by hand using English Willow. All Bats are pressed individually allowing the finished bat to perform to its maximum potential.

We DO NOT supply Cricket Bats that have been mass produced or machine produced.

We have sourced the best cricket bats from independent and "smaller" cricket bat makers in England and Wales.

All the accompanying Batting Pads, Batting Gloves and Bags are also chosen due to their quality. If the Bat Maker is happy to put their name and reputation on these then we are happy to supply them.

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If you cant find something you want on our site or would like a Custom / Bespoke cricket bat then please get in touch. We can order Custom bats, Pads, Gloves, Bags, Shoes/Spikes and Wicket Keeping equipment especially for you!