Kippax - Problade (2lb 10 1/4oz)

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Kippax PROBLADE Cricket Bat - Sweeping Spine with a Middle to Low Swell

Kippax PROBLADE Cricket Bat – This is the Very Best Wood you will find anywhere in the World, made to an Exact Specification.

* Sweeping Spine with a Middle to Low Swell.
* Large edges
* FULL profile
* Grown from a Private Tree Collection

The Perfect Alternative to the Kippax COLOSSUS.

All Kippax bats come with their WAVEX handle: WAVEX is a unique cricket bat handle designed to improve power and drive by re diverting energy from the handle to the ball impact point.

How does it work?

The WAVEX incorporates a unique wave structure into the cricket bat handle. This wave (or ripple) is designed to vastly reduce friction/vibration by dampening and redirecting this energy back to the impact point and so transferring more energy back to the ball. In conventional bats energy travels along a straight line from the impact to the handle, In a WAVEX this is prevented by the cutting edge wave system.

Simply Stunning Cricket Equipment that you will not find anywhere else!

Specifications: Edge = 36mm, Spine = 63mm, Toe = 26mm

*Please Note  - All Bat Grading is at the discretion of the Bat Maker

All Cricket Bat Photos are of the actual bat for sale unless otherwise stated.

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