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Newbery cricket bats begin their life as willow trees; these are carefully selected with each cleft individually assessed. Once it’s been favourably judged for its weight, grain and performance, it’s then chosen. It’s the Newbery processes, which sets us apart from many manufactures–specifically the pressing of the willow. Skill is required for every cleft; each requiring a different amount of pressure per square inch, to ensure optimum performance is gleaned. Each bat is given its character by the master craftsman who cuts and shaves the willow to a specified weight and balance, to make the best out of each cleft. The shaping and balancing of Newbery bats are done by hand and eye

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Newbery Blitz - 5* Cricket Bat (2lb 8 3/4oz)
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The Blitz has truly lived up to its name. It’s big, it’s bold and it’s beautiful!