Salix X 2019- Performance  2lb 8 1/4oz
Salix X 2019- Performance  2lb 8 1/4oz
Salix X 2019- Performance  2lb 8 1/4oz
Salix X 2019- Performance  2lb 8 1/4oz
Salix X 2019- Performance  2lb 8 1/4oz

Salix X 2019- Performance 2lb 8 1/4oz

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The very best willow available coupled with the finest hand making – the AJK exemplifies our experience and our passion as batmakers.
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Pressed with less bow and a very high spline, the dramatically profiled new X harks back to our pre-bow Praestantia, now reinvented with current all-encompassing pressing. A contemporary rework of a traditional shape, the set of the pronounced oval handle is slightly further forward; the balance between blade and handle is exact. The blade feels indulgently and deceptively soft but it has still had serious pressure and very careful pressing. The combination of the traditional face and high spine creates the greatest core in the range, and absolute controlled power. This is a very English shape but a complex high-performance bat, all encased in exquisite beaded copper labelling. X equals both the origins and the future of English cricket bat making.

  • new for 2019

  • traditionally rounder pressed face

  • classical pressing with a hint of bow

  • full back profile with very high spine

  • concentration of wood in middle and spine of bat

  • greatest core strength in range

  • profile dominated by swell of spline, tapering into edges

  • minimal bow

  • low driving area

  • slightly duck-billed toe

  • pronounced oval handle

  • for upright high-order batsmen

  • stunning new labels in soft copper, white beading, textured combination matt-gloss black and metallic blue

  • highest level of English artisan batmaking, all individually handmade by Salix

  • CNC free manufacturing, individual in-house pressing and processing from cleft to bat

Specifications: Edge = 33mm, Spine = 61mm, Toe = 25mm

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